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12th February 2013 - cassette re-discovery (again)- Live UNaware 1993

UNaware - L1111 93

What I've uncovered this time is a live by my old band UNaware recorded on 11/11/1993 in Toulouse, Le Bikini. We were supporting French artist Dominique A who had just realeased his second album.

We premiered a few songs from our next demo, Le Pérou, Cruel Echo & Les Effets du Temps.

The line-up for UNaware was: Fabien Polair (vox, gtr), Emmanuel Fillon (drums) & Sébastien Duffau (bass).

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Dire   2. Cruel Echo   3. Seasons in Town   4. Destroyed Happy Couple
5. Les Effets du Temps   6. Les Plus Jolies Couleurs   7. Les Etoiles   8. Le Pérou
9. Le Vide de Décembre   10. Fucking Car   11. She Realized   12. A Protagonist 13. Kill

If the player does not show, go to: https://soundcloud.com/polair/sets/unaware-l111193


February 2013
- cassette rediscovery - Call it a Call

Been trying to re-record this song on my own several times over the years to no avail.

This original version recorded with Manu & Seb is the real thing.

So for info this is an old song by my old band UNaware named Call It A Call, recorded sometime in 1995 on a Tascam 4-Track that I've just uncovered while digging through some old tapes. Hope that's listenable enough.

For regular updates please check my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabien-Polair-Music/17903829098


September 2012

Fabien Polair - Solo Acoustic Covers

I've assembled this collection of 12 cover songs recorded throughout the past few years. They've all been recorded live and acoustic, with no overdubs, just a guitar and a voice and a harmonica on the Flaming Lips' cover Race for the Prize.

Songs are all free downloads, you can get them one by one from the player on the left.

Tracklisting and order is as follows:

01. Race for the Priwe (Flaming Lips cover)
02. We Let The Stars Go (Prefab Sprout cover)
03. Disorder (Joy Division cover)
04. Mistress (Red House Painters cover)
05. Chapel Hill (Sonic Youth cover)
06. Haunt You Everyday (Weezer cover)
07. Cupid Come (My Bloody Valentine cover)
08. Climbing Up To The Moon (Eels cover)
09. Dying On The Vine (John Cale cover)
10. Soul & Fire (Sebadoh cover)
11. Dress Sexy At My Funeral (Smog cover)
12. Working Class Hero (John Lennon cover)


August 2012
Brand new song Little Weight freshly mixed and recorded available here for listen. Some of you may remember hearing it at my last gigs, it had never been recorded yet and this is a slightly different version. Hope you like it. Available here for download: https://www.yousendit.com/download/TEhVblRobEF5UkUwTWNUQw

For regular updates please check my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabien-Polair-Music/17903829098


New Album out Crossroads, Middletown

If you're experiencing problems with the player, go to this page

"Both melancholic but paradoxically uplifting" The-Mag

"Beautiful songs with heart felt story's behind each and every one" 

"Before you know it - you've placed it amongst your favourite albums" Subba-Cultcha

  New album now available Crossroads, Middletown. 14 tracks.

Fabien Polair Exclusive

Fabien Polair Exclusive TracksQuantcastCounter


12 June 08
First solo acoustic gig Sunday 15 June at Idlewild 55 Shirland Rd W9 2JD, London. Showcasing 4 or 5 songs from Crossroads from 7pm.
Some videos have now been uploaded in the video section. They consist of acoustic solo renditions of songs from Crossroads + acoustic covers of songs I like. Please leave some comments and ratings.

30 March 08

Crossroads, Middletown is now available to buy from Amazon UK. Please leave a review. More reviews in the press section . The album can be rated on the websites it's been reviewed, so please go ahead. Also, I would be grateful if you could add me to your favourite artists by clicking I Like This Artist and join my mailing list .

20 February 08
Talks of playing a festival near Paris in June. First reviews coming in, check the press section. Video of an acoustic session (showcase of the album + covers) in the making, to be posted soon in the video section and on Youtube. Stay tuned.

12 January 08
Some may think Crossroads, Middletown is Fabien Polair's reaction to his previous album Circumstances of the Present World but it’s simply the work of a musician free to follow his moods and inspiration, wherever they may take him. Crossroads’ mix of pop and folk songs is surely contrasting with the themes and sounds of Circumstances, but the aim remains the same: write and record melodic songs anyone can relate to. With the addition of roots instruments like pedal steel, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano, banjo, mellotron, accordeon, glockenspiel, rhodes or cello, Fabien Polair delivered an album accessible to everyone. Solo acoustic gigs are planned for 2008.

Songs from Crossroads, Middletown will be aired every Saturday morning for the next 8 weeks and on sunday 27 Jan on German radio OS Radio
For more info go to www.osradio.de

09 December 07
Masters have just been approved last night, they should be in London by the end of next week. Artwork has also been approved, so everything now seems ready for the printing. Still not sure everything will be finished before 22 Dec though...
Btw, just found out there were some reviews of Circumstances of the Present World on the internet. Check the links below to find out more. Thanks.

01 December 07
One week delay in the mastering of the album...supposed to happen on 6 Dec now...is the album going to be ready before Christmas? That was the plan...Oh by the way, the album is named Crossroads, Middletown, and here's the final tracklisting:

1. Settle Down  2. Shred Of Autumn  3. Tragi-Comic Girl  4. Everybody Knows  5. Caught In The Monotony  6. Teenage Years  7. Fallen Angels  8. Eternidad  9. People Move On  10. God Knows Why  11. Oklahoma #3  12. Early Morning Flight  13. A Thousand Harmonies  14. Voyage (To The Centre of Your Heart)

It's a mixture of new songs and old ones I'd never recorded properly before. The mood is plainly acoustic as planned. Thanks for staying tuned.

28 September 07

18 tracks to clean and embed. Then the heartbreaking selection followed by mastering. Then the artwork. Then the pressing. Deadline: 22 November 07. Let's keep the faith.

New temporary tracklisting:
Settle Down
Shred of Autumn
Teenage Dreams
Desperate Hours
Windy Day
Caught in Monotony
In The Night
I feel nothing
God Knows Why
Tragi-Comic Girl
Early Morning Flight
Oklahoma #3
Everybody Knows
People Move On
Fallen Angels
Voyage (To The Centre of your Heart) Louisiana

16 June 07

New song Endgame available to listen or download on www.myspace.com/polair. It's been recorded and mixed over the past 2 days, give me some feedback.

10 June 07

New album in preparation. Estimated finished date: September 2007. Mood: acoustic, alt. country & anti folk. Stay tuned.

Temporary tracklisting:
There’s a place
Settle down
To forgive a fool
Shred of autumn
Teenage Freak
Tragi-comic girl
Disappearing girl
I feel nothing
Early morning flight
God knows why
Fabian Polair 1
A thousand harmonies
Desperate Hours

Fabian Polair on MySpace: www.myspace.com/polair

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Latest album release Jan 06
Circumstances of the Present World

The Last Journey

Le Dernier Voyage
The short movie The Last Journey (music Fabian Polair) by Frederic Duvin has been selected for the Cognac Festival. For more details: www.lederniervoyage.com (in French).

You can listen and download the soundtrack here: www.polairmusic.com/LDV.html

The Early Years

A collection of pictures from various musical projects since 1990.

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