“Fabien’s ear for music is transformed into beautiful songs with heartfelt stories behind each and every one. This doesn’t just create a good listen but also creates a connection to the artist and this bond will make you a fan for life.”

Beckie A | The-Mag

“Both melancholic but paradoxically uplifting””

David Cowling | Americana UK

“Amazingly enchanting, and undeniably elegant.”

“If you haven’t heard anything by Fabien Polair yet, then you are surely missing out on something magical. He is an artist with a very raw and passionate talent, and he expresses emotions perfectly through his music, which is something that very few musicians tend to achieve.”

Goldie Stewart | Subba-Cultcha

“Polair is the voice of a generation, speaking out against the system, and he urges you to reflect on this too.”

Katie Probert | Subba-Cultcha

“At times the music reaches depths of heartfelt beauty.”

Talena |The-Mag