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In 2007, Fabien’s passion for Neil Young and Americana, as well as a strong urge to play live again, pushed him to release a more personal album, in an acoustic pop-folk genre this time, Crossroads, Middletown. This collection of songs was very much a self checkup on his life: while album opener Settle Down hinted at a new desire to finally look for a peaceful life, Caught in the Monotony reminisced about the boredom of blissfulness.

Elsewhere, Teenage Years evoked the shyness and clumsiness of his adolescence, while People Move On expressed his persistent fear of being left behind. The noirceur and nostalgia of Fallen Angels contrasted with the optimism and new beginning stance of God Knows Why, a song likened to Herman Dune. The album was praised by renowned publications such as Americana UK. The-Mag said ’the music is spell binding and takes you by the wings up into the darkness of above.’

Upon its release, Fabien played a good number of solo gigs in London with his acoustic guitar and harmonica.



01. Settle Down  02. Shred Of Autumn  03. Tragi-Comic Girl  04. Everybody Knows  05. Caught In The Monotony  06. Teenage Years  07. Fallen Angels  08. Eternidad  09. People Move On  10. God Knows Why  11. Oklahoma #3  12. Early Morning Flight  13. A Thousand Harmonies  14. Voyage (To The Centre of Your Heart)

All songs by Fabien Polair

Mastered by Jason Livermore at Sound Blasting Studios, CO, USA

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